Trade Winds Farm


Who is Trade Winds Farm?

Trade Winds Farm is the home and passion place of professional athlete, Agatha D'Ambra. Agatha is gaining prominence at the top level of equestrian sports, riding under the expertise of some of the best in the industry, including Olympic gold medalist Peter Wylde.

What was the challenge?

The site redesign for Trade Winds Farm was close to my heart as a horse lover. Agatha wanted her site to act as a hub for show results, dates, sale horse listings. To do so, we worked together to make it one of the most updated personal equestrian athlete sites in the industry. The main way we did this was to focus on the other athlete in Agatha's partnership - the horse. We focused on the imagery of these powerful athletes, showcasing the horse in almost every way possible.

"Elisa was able to design and build my website based on a few loosely organized notes that I had given her. She brought my vision to life. I have already experienced an increase in prospective clients because of the beautiful and functional website that Elisa made for me."
Agatha, Trade Winds Farm